Artwork  by Monica Cohen

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monica painting.jpg

Artist Bio


Monica Cohen was born and raised in the Coquimbo Region of northern Chile. She began studying design as a teenager and refined her craft at the University of Chile.


She continued her education in the United States studying computer graphic design and traditional oil painting. In 2006, Monica was commissioned to create a pen and ink drawing of the first post office in Ellenville, New York.  This would be the first of many historical drawings of the region.


The drawings, based on old postcards and photographs, unlocked a new facet of Monica's creativity. In 2008, she continued this trend with another series of pen and ink drawings of the Village of New Paltz and has since captured the spirit of many other towns in the Catskills and Hudson Valley through this medium.


Monica’s work serves as a time capsule- both personal and public- through which she revisits her childhood, motherhood and other memorable moments in her life. She continues to express herself by drawing, painting, and transferring her feelings to canvas, paper, and other media.